2007.05.01 - Korean American short film showcase in DC

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From the official press release:

The Korean Embassy in Washington DC announces a call for entries for short films (shorter than 20 minutes) directed by Koreans or Korean-Americans.

The Korean Embassy, along with 8 other embassies, is sponsoring its annual Asia-Europe Film Showcase. This year, the theme is “Love” and the embassy welcomes submissions that focus on the topic.

The showcase will run in Washington DC through June 4 through June 15. It will be a great opportunity for Korean and Korean-American filmmakers.

The showcase will be co-curated by Steven Hahn & Francis Hsueh (Omerice Works) and submissions may be addressed directly to Omerice Works. DVDs (along with press kits and director bio) should be sent to Omerice Works, c/o Steven Hahn, 17 John Street #11F, New York, New York 10038.

Email: casting@omericeworks.com
The entry deadline is May 1.