2008.02.23 - 02.24 - "Passing Poston" in NYC

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"Passing Poston," a documentary directed by Joe Fox and James Nubile about Japanese Americans interned in the Poston Relocation Center, screens this week in New York City at the Pioneer and Anthology Film Archives.

Pioneer Theater, 7 pm Feb. 23 and 7 pm Feb. 24.

Anthology Film Archives, 7:30 pm Feb. 25 and 7:30 pm Feb. 26.

Here's the blurb from the Pioneer website:

For the over 120,000 Japanese Americans forcibly interned during War War II � the scars have not yet fully healed.

PASSING POSTON tells the moving and haunting story of four former internees of the Poston Relocation Center � each person shadowed by a tragic past, each struggling in their own painful way to reconcile the trauma of their youth. Each individual still searching and yearning during their last chapter of their lives, to find their rightful place in this country.

It is a story that takes Ruth Okimoto back to the desert of Arizona where she spent her childhood years behind barbed wire. Back to the Colorado River Indian Reservation, where Poston was built. It is a journey Ruth takes, to find meaning in the inexplicable as she searches to discover the true story of how the Poston camp came into being.

Ruth's answers startle and disturb but eventually leads to resolution as she learns about the role that the Japanese Internees played in developing this reservation.