The mission

The purpose of is to build an engaged, involved, active, and excited audience for Asian American media.

Why bother?

First, good media deserve to be seen and audiences deserve to see good media. By getting the word out, will maximize joy on all ends by getting media and consumers together. Hooray!

Second, getting more people out to see Asian American media is the key to getting more Asian American media made, thereby fighting the much-lamented negative images of Asians in mainstream American media.

Here's how it works, with film as an example:

Film financing requires stars. So Asian American filmmakers will continue to have great difficulty finding financing for films with Asian American characters as long as the pool of Asian American stars remains so small. But actors only become stars when they're in financially successful films. Thus, by building the audience for Asian American films, this website will make it more likely that good Asian American features will get their audiences, become financially successful, and break the Catch-22 preventing the financing of Asian American films.

The sushi caveat will refrain from tepid cheerleading, instead maintaining a critical and rigorous edge, providing information about as much as possible but truly celebrating only what deserves celebrating.

We call this the sushi principle -- thousands of people think they hate Japanese food because they got food poisoning the first and only time they had sushi. One of our responsibilities is thus not to pretend every project that comes down the pike is prime sushi -- to do so is to lose crediblity and decrease chances of mobilizing audiences for great Asian American projects in the future.

To belabor the sushi metaphor, it's worth noting that many people might not like eating the fried shrimp heads that come with amaebi. But others love those crunchy li'l guys. Similarly, not every film is for everybody. But each film should be helped to find its audience. So will strive to mobilize the appropriate audiences for appropriate projects, helping to maximize each project's exposure.

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