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12th San Diego Asian Film Festival Call For Entries

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Call For Entries Web Banner.jpgHello Filmmaker Friends,

The San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF) is currently in it's call for entries period for the 12th San Diego Asian Film Festival, October 20-28, 2011. Submit today for consideration for one of the largest North American showcases of Pan Asian cinema. We're currently seeking competitive entries in the following categories: narrative feature, narrative short, documentary feature, documentary short, and animation.

Regular Deadline: May 2, 2011
Late Deadline: May 20, 2011

For more information, please visit www.sdaff.org | entries@sdaff.org | 619.400.5911

Direct Link: http://sdaff.org/festival/filmmakers.php

From the official announcement:

Call for Entries - 2nd Annual Games for Change Awards
Deadline: March 31, 2011

The Awards will be presented during the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival (June 20 - 22, NYC). Deadline for submission: March 31. The Games for Change Festival, often referred to as "the Sundance of video games," is the largest gaming event in New York City and the only international event uniting "games for change" creators, the public, civil society, academia, the gaming industry, and the media. There are 4 Award categories for completed and soon-to-be completed games recognizing: Direct Impact, the Knight News Award, Learning and Education, and Transmedia. Criteria and entry form here: http://ow.ly/46zuH

From the official announcement:

The Student Delegate Program for the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) is now accepting applications!

The Student Delegate Program is an exclusive opportunity for six undergraduate and graduate college students to work together to reflect and talk about Asian and Asian American film and media during the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (March 10-20, 2011). Selected students will receive a Festival Guest Pass and have the opportunity to:

  • Follow a structured schedule of film screenings and exclusive meetings with filmmakers and industry guests
  • Access other Festival events such as panels and parties.
  • Create content for the Festival website, such as articles, blogs and videos.
  • Collaborate with other Student Delegates on a group project.

We encourage students from all colleges/universities in both film and non-film disciplines to apply. The most important qualities we seek in a candidate are a love for film and desire to share this passion, the ability to interact with other students and festival guests, and a willingness to follow a rigorous program of screenings and discussions. Please access the application and sample schedule here [pdf]. Applications are due by January 31, 2011.

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03.30.1112th San Diego Asian Film Festival Call For Entries
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11.17.062006.11.17 - early deadline for SXSW
09.30.062006.09.30 - Deadline for NWAAFF 2007 entries
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06.30.062006 Writer Submissions for FOX Diversity Development - Deadline June 30, 2006
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06.23.0606.23 registration deadline for AAIFF/V-Clip competition
06.23.0606.23 - HIFF submission deadline
06.07.06SDAFF Entry Deadline extended to June 14
06.02.0606.02 - General registration deadline for AA FilmLab's 3rd Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout
05.31.0605.31 - last call for Vancouver Asian Film Festival
05.31.0605.31 - late deadline for DC APA Film Fest
05.12.0605.12.06 deadline for Boulder AFF screenplay contest ; 06.30.06 deadline for movies
04.14.0604.14 - AAIFF Screenplay Competition and WIP call for entries
04.07.06SDAFF Early Entry Deadline, Apr. 7
03.20.0603.20.06 - Deadline for Fort Lee Cliffhanger Film Fest
02.03.0602.03.06 - AAIFF NY deadline
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12.16.0512.16 final deadline for VC Film Fest
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11.17.0511.17 deadline for Reel Exposure, Pacific Fusion TV